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by Educational Advancement Centre, 45 Awolowo Avenue, Ibadan.
Project Name:  Rural Educational Advancement Programme - REAP

Project Background

Educational advancement Centre (EAC) has produced video lessons to supplement or even replace teachers in classes in needy areas. She had developed lessons for Senior Secondary School classes in 15 subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Agriculture, Geography, Government, Civic Education, Literature in English, Commerce, Financial Accounting, French, and Christian Religious studies.
EAC is currently developing the Primary School version, after which she will proceed to do the Junior Secondary Lessons.

Project Objectives

The project seeks to improve the living standard of inhabitants of the rural areas by providing Affordable and sustainable quality education with the use of video technology.

Project Method
1.    Using a Laptop and Projector, class lessons are projected for students to watch.

2.    The unit is managed by a Facilitator who does not necessarily need to be a trained teacher but trained in supervising children and handling the laptop, projector and solar power system.
3.    Assessments of students are done using Moodle server set-ups on the same laptops while the students can use smart mobile phones.
4.    Questions from students, which the Facilitator cannot answer can be sent via WhatsApp to EAC for clarification.
5.    Power is supplied by our designed Solar power system and Windmill power system.

The Rural Educational Advancement Programme is expected to bring transformation to the economic empowerment of rural dwellers and give them sustainable access to quality education.