Schoolonair for students


Have you ever felt like asking the Teacher to "go over it again", even after he has done so? Have you ever wished your Teacher was there with you to clarify a point or to take advantage of the traffic jam, or spare time to learn?

All these and more are part of the “Schoolonair Advantage”.
Schoolonair Mobile Video was packaged specially to make study enjoyable, memorable and effective. Study does not have to be stressful for students to succeed.

Schoolonair lessons are based on the prescribed curriculum and are designed for maximum impact. Each lesson is followed with assignments to reinforce what has been taught. Further multiple choice questions can be accessed at We also have Diagnostic Assessments to show the areas of weakness in each subject, giving pin-point accuracy in revision.

Note: Students are advised to go through the lessons in the order of arrangement because some lessons assume that the student has done some topics as foundation.

Subjects have been grouped to meet the requirements of Science, Social Science and Arts students. The subject bouquets are as follows:

SCIENCE: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics, English Language, Civic Education, Economics, and Agric Science

SOCIAL SCIENCE:  Geography, Economics, Government, Financial Accounting, Commerce, Mathematics, English Language, Civic Education, Agric Science, and Biology

ARTS: Literature in English, Government, Christian Religious Studies, French, Mathematics, English Language, Civic Education, Economics, Biology and Agric. Science.

No student needs to fail!

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